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Intellectual Property rights are considered as one of the most valuable actives of an enterprise and one of the most effective to get position in the market. At the same time they are a protection for the enterprise against the competitors.

Intellectual Property is an important instrument for the entrepreneur to protect the result of the creative activity, to introduce and make different his/her products and services in the market, and to let the consumers know about the activities of his/her enterprise.

Entrepreneurs protect their artistic and literary creations as well as inventions and scientific and technological advances of their enterprises by means of Intellectual Property rules. Also design can be protected by giving exclusive rights to the owners of industrial designs and it stimulates entrepreneurial competence regarding aesthetic diversification of products.

Trademarks and other distinctive signs are aspects of Intellectual Property and they are a guarantee for the consumers who can identify a specific enterprise and its products or services in the market and also for entrepreneur to know their competitors.

Society is characterized among other aspects by an incredible fast development in science and technology; so, Intellectual Property has become an instrument of technological and commercial politics which is an important element for international competitive based on the creative capacity




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